The POINTUP Shopping Cart (e-commerce) feature will allow you to sell any mobile devices and product or service simple steps support many payment gateways simple steps to cart products.

More Features

  1. Create your store
  2. Customize store design
  3. Configure your products
  4. Manage your store
  5. Rank high in search
  6. Marketing
  7. Conversion tools
  8. Hosting & security
  9. Analytics
  10. Apps & integrations
  11. Expert support

Simple Steps for Checkout

  1. Login / Register
  2. Click on Products from Drop Down Menu
  3. Select Product Or Service
  4. Enter required details (IMEI Number / File / Notes / Email etc)
  5. Select Payment method (Prepaid Balance or Any Other)
  6. Click on Checkout
  1. Track Your Orders from Order History Menu at Client Area