IJM Steels

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IJM Steel Products Private Limited (IJMSPPL) is a 100% subsidiary of IJM Corporation Berhad, Malaysia. In India, IJMSPPL has commissioned a state of the art Welded Wire Mesh (WWM)plant at Hyderabad which was inaugurated on the 27th of July 2008.IJM introduces a superior method of concrete reinforcement. IJM Welded Wire Mesh (WWM) is produced using advanced European Technology in wire sizes ranging from 5mm to 12 mm in diameter. Welded Wire Mesh (WWM) is used as steel reinforcement in concrete, replacing the traditional “cut & bend” and placing of steel TMT bars. Using state of the art machines procured from reputable European manufacturers, IJMSPPL is able to produce high quality WWM with precise dimensional control. The product will result considerable savings in time, labour and money. WWM will revolutionize conventional construction methods.

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