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SEM – Search engine marketing, Search engines playing vital role at internet to divert the traffic to websites. As per the internet marketing strategies 60% of web visitors are depending on search engines to find the proper information on the web. We can advertise on search engines to divert the traffic to websites for instant traffic or to check the potential of the business instantly. In this Search Engine marketing PPC – Pay per click concept is famous. Simply you need to pay for each visitor you received to your websites.

SEO HyderabadPay Per Click Management

In the pay per click advertising concept there are three different ad networks for ad serving to get the traffic for advertisers. In the world there are few companies famous in this service Google (Ad words), Bing & Yahoo (Ad Center).

Inline Advertising

Ads highlights on the text simply
[arrowlist] Inline ads for text
Inline ads for images

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Search Network

Ads will be displayed on top of the organic search results.
[arrowlist] Text Ads
Product Ads

Display Network

Display Network makes advertising on websites to promote your business, easy and effective.
[arrowlist] Text Ads
Image Ads
Video Ads

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